This is similar to Nate Eldredges's question about the tax foreclosure question. The answer is this one, deleted by Cesar M. In the tax foreclosure case the OPs account was also deleted (the OP was apparently running a sock puppet farm), but the answerer's account was not deleted here so should we conclude that this is a different cause / person? Perhaps then the answer is "Oops, we meant to delete his account, it is the same sock puppet rancher"; at any rate, it's not a great answer but it's not significantly worse than many noob answers that we get.

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I agree and just undeleted that answer.

These deletions seem to have been done at random. I'm hoping to find time to review all the recent associated deletions; in the meantime feel free to comment on this answer with links to others that don't appear to have merited deletion and I'll look at them promptly.


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