I remember quite well that someone with a music-related name had asked a question about cars and photos - and now almost the same question - even referencing the same site as origin of photos - appeared. As I tried to link it at dupe, the original - which was made around Christmas - appears gone.

Was the original question I noticed (and remember to have answers) deleted?

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This was lost to an unfortunate scenario that is presently by design:

  1. The question was closed (as off-topic due to request for specific legal advice).
  2. Before it was closed the question received two answers.
  3. The user who posted the question self-deleted.

Conditions #1 and #3 trigger deletion of the question ... unless the question has upvoted answers. Neither of the answers had yet been upvoted, so they got deleted too.

I thought that unfair to the answerers so I undeleted the whole thing.

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    Thanks. That explains where the bounty question about children watching pornography in Maryland went
    – user35069
    Commented Jan 3, 2021 at 20:11

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