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Is any YouTuber required to block videos for people below 18 even if the videos are good for people of any age due to data being privacy laws?

Many countries have data privacy laws that require special care for data of people below the years age of 18.
A Youtube video upto a certain point of time as of writing and as far as I know cannot be geographicaly restricted to try to not do business in certain countries .
Moreover some of these countries extend laws to all
their citizen so geoblocking should not help.
Youtube collects data as of writing for their use and to facilitate ads for youtubers.
Youtube allows blocking below 18 for content very impolite ..
Should youtubers who upload content above any length and of content of general ( What I mean by this is general educational content ) also age restrict below 18 ?
This is so that they do not reach the videos so no data collection !
I mean shouldn't all youtuber be liable for not age restricting their videos to below 18 because that might lead to data collection from them ?

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It needs a specific law or jurisdiction.

If you want to know if someone is liable for something, or if something violates a law, you need to say what law you're asking about, or at least what country you're asking about. A vague assertion about "many countries," without examples, doesn't really help.

As is, people trying to answer are forced to consider how a hypothetical law in some country might possibly work, which isn't really answerable.


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