Let me analogize this.

Does (Ontario's) Consumer Protection Act, 2002 protect Consumers travelling on the Toronto Transit Commission? Why or why not?
Did Instagram breach Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act, SBC 2004?

ought be reopened, because they do not "clearly ask for specific legal advice". Don't hesitate to edit them further.

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We do not have such a queue. Such a thread does not have community backing. This Stack is tiny and there are about two dozen users that participate more than occasionally.

Those questions don't warrant reopening as they are.

These questions were written in a fashion that is explicitly banned as requesting legal advice. No substantial change was made to make them not appear to be such.

Both questions were moderator-closed. So there are heavy quality issues.

The second question is an attempt to re-create a question that was asked with the exact same picture prior, which was closed or deleted for some reason.

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