I would like to make this edit, but it was rolled back.

The original example application of judicial notice that I have included in the answer is attracting comments that critique the judge's math. The precise math used was not the point of the example.

If I were to replace the example with an accurate example, it would render the comments and subsequent discussion in the comments unnecessary, so I would like to make an edit to use an example without any errors that distract from the point I want to communicate.

May I make this edit?

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Don’t rewrite history

The judicial example includes a mathematical error - that’s interesting, people have commented on it. It is not obviously distractive, indeed it is in itself illustrative of the difference between a legal fact and a scientific fact.

If you want to add another example- fine. If you want to edit the question to highlight that the judge made a mathematical error and that is now judicially correct - even better.

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