A recent question’s edition history shows that it was “removed from network posts” by one of the moderators. Why is it possible for doing this, and what are valid reasons for which a moderator might be able to do it?


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Some questions attract the wrong attention.

When a question attracts too many bad answers from being a hot network question or just is an ill fit to be an ad for a site, that status can manually be revoked. It is a more extensive step than just protecting the question against users with less than 20 reputation.

Reasons for it can be:

In general, we recommend that you exclude questions that attract negative attention to your sites, that is, questions that are controversial, start large amounts of debate or arguments or even edit wars. Removing a question should not be a substitute for fixing it! Remember that it may take several hours for a moderator to respond to a flag so do what you can, first:

  • If the title seems click-baity or doesn't adequately describe the question, edit it!
  • If the body is full of spelling or grammatical errors, fix them!
  • If the body contains unnecessary detail or salacious content, see if it can be removed without impacting the question.
  • If the question is unclear or broad, vote to close it. In most cases it will be better to close a question and wait for it to be improved rather than asking for it to be removed.

THAT question in particular

The question was decidedly about a type of hate crime. Hatecrime is a trigger to many, and problematic as no matter how it is phrased it is always attracting the wrong crowd: people who have no idea of the law, and then vote for answers that cater to their group, or write bad answers.

Remember, that a question is not suitable as a Hot Network Question, and thus ad for the community does not mean that it is a bad question. It just means, that the question is not suitable to be used to point to our community.

  • Yes but what criteria should be used to decide if something is an ill fit to be an ad for a site? Dec 23, 2023 at 11:39
  • @TylerDurden Included all the links you need.
    – Trish
    Dec 23, 2023 at 18:35

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