I was reading this question: How is it possible for millions to use pirated software at home and never get arrested?

This does not seem like a legal question, and my first throught is to mark it as off-topic, but it seems others disagree (many upvotes, no close votes [that I can see]), so I thought it best to discuss it here.

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Yes, that and similar questions should be, and are, on-topic. It is both covered by the "Legal process and procedure" and the "Dealing with legal professionals" provisions in the Help Center's "What topics can I ask about here?" article.

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    That particular question is interesting, because it attracts non-legal answers, which I would normally expect to get voted down. This probably wasn't helped by the fact that it was a Hot Network Question for three days, which is longer than I can remember any other question staying there (most age away after a day). However, the question itself, as you say, is on-topic.
    – jimsug
    Commented Sep 4, 2015 at 1:14

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