Many works of fiction represent real-life legal issues poorly, and sometimes with interpretations that are downright ridiculous.

Examples can be found at the TVTropes link on "Artistic License - Law".

Are questions about the (correct or incorrect) usage and application of law in such works on-topic?

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    I think this is answered here: meta.law.stackexchange.com/questions/34/… The situation you ask about may as well be a hypothetical ostensibly about the real world; It doesn't matter that it came from a work of fiction. – user248 Oct 24 '15 at 15:53

I tend to agree with nomen agentis's comment - questions about the application of law to, or within, fictional works, are likely on topic, as per Are hypothetical application of the law questions on topic? - it's just that these hypotheticals happen to be inspired by, or based in fictional works. I'll just add the caveat that you'll need to provide a real-world jurisdiction to such questions; if you want to know about the law in a non-existent place, we can only do it by reference to existing law.

I think I've asked one myself, actually - Could an employee be fired as they are about to quit in order to pay them severance? is inspired by The Office.

From another viewpoint, I would say that debunking or affirming various (mis)representations of the legal system as portrayed in fictional works — books, television, film — is probably a good thing and would be a great way to make the internet a better place.

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    I agree but of course the question should be careful not to assume knowledge of the referred work. – Dan Jun 3 '16 at 15:39

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