Are recommendations on law books, resources, and textbooks on topic? An affirmative answer would veritably aid and benefit; both Linguistics SE and Philosophy SE (subjects which the law engage) do.

Following user 'Mr. A.' 's request below, I exemplify the above with a question that interests him and the eligibility of which he wishes to know:is the following question an appropriate question:

What is a good resource for learning how to do it yourself and file a declaratory judgment?"


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We have a tag. Some questions have been answered and other haven't; of those that haven't been answered, some are more related to the law than others, and some are more answerable than others. I suggest anyone requesting references or resources take heed of these questions and attempt to ask answerable questions.

Also note that we have a Online Legal References meta question (posted on Meta because list-style questions aren't on-topic).

As for your example, it might be acceptable if the question provided details on a jurisdiction.

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