What are the types of questions that can be asked here vs Open Source SE? Is there any overlap? Do we want to answer open source questions?

  • Is the question on-topic here (i.e. Is it a legal question?) If yes, then it should be on-topic, and we want to answer them here. Don't worry about the scope of other communities in determining your scope. P.S. I'm an Open Source mod :) – Zizouz212 Jan 19 '16 at 16:12

On-topic for Law:

  • Statutes or court decisions
  • Legal terms and language, doctrines and theory
  • Legal process and procedure
  • Historical legal applications
  • Dealing with legal professionals

On-topic for Open Source:

You've come to the right place if you have questions about:

  • the history and philosophies of the FSF, OSI, CC etc
  • understanding, applying, and complying with Free & Open licenses
  • how communities collaborate together to produce, distribute, market and sometime monetize these projects
  • what license to use for a specific situation - but please read How do I ask for a license recommendation? first

But there are some questions which should not be asked here:

  • if you want to know how to use some software, or how its code works (ask on Super User or Stack Overflow)
  • if you would like recommendations for Free/Open software or media (ask on Software Recommendations)

Now, it's probably best not to think about it as us vs them. Because really, there's a lot of potential overlap. We even have an tag. They have a law tag.

If a question is on-topic for one site, it isn't automatically off-topic for all others. In fact, even if a question would be better on one site, it isn't automatically off-topic for all others. Remember that the same question on different sites can get wildly different answers.

So here's my recommendation:

  • If a question is on-topic for Law but it is also on-topic for another site and it would likely get faster or better answers then please comment stating that it can also be asked on that site.
  • If a question is off-topic for Law and it is on-topic for another site then unless it's uncontroversial then please close as off-topic, and then either comment letting the asker know that the other site exists, and once it's closed, optionally flag it for moderator attention. The off-topic closure reason should probably be something like "I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it has nothing to do with law but is on topic at *some other site*".

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