I'd like to ask a question about my state's driving license program, specifically an (apparent) edge case that isn't covered very well by the DMV's website.

Reading /help/on-topic, it could go either way - this feels like it could be "legal process and procedure", but it could also fall under "legal advice on a specific matter" (I want to know if I can do something).

This is the gist of what I want to ask:

I'm almost 17 in (my state). I don't have a burning desire to drive, but it would be nice for a few reasons. Driving with my parents is fine.

Given this, I'd like to stay under a 'supervised instruction permit' (SIP), the "you can drive, but only with a licensed adult" version of a license. I also don't really want to go through driver's training and all that red tape.

It seems I could walk into the DMV, take the test, and get my 'real' license when I turn 17. For insurance purposes, it would be better for me to have an SIP.

Can I get an SIP when I turn 17 without going through driver's training? For how long would it be valid?

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Like many legal terms, legal advice has a pretty specific meaning that isn't really the ordinary meaning. Provided that you provide the jurisdiction, it's really a matter of lookup up the applicable legislation and providing the information.

Personally, I would not vote to close.

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    I agree, and simply feel compelled to comment (since this just came up elsewhere) that it's not all that clear what legal advice is. Meaning, we need something to click.
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