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I undeleted that question, so anyone so inclined can vote to reopen it.

I, however, am not personally inclined to cast that vote at present. There is something about that question that seems inappropriate to this Stack Exchange (and probably any general Stack Exchange). I'm not sure I can explain exactly why right now, but here are things going through my head as I consider this: Yes, that question is amenable to a proper third-party answer. But if the author you are quoting does not provide the answer then the question could just as easily have been introduced by careless writing ... in which case the only "correct" answer can be provided by the author. The fact that you found something confusing in a book about law doesn't mean it's a good question about law. This isn't "Law Book Club."

Particularly in this case: You link to the author's web page, where his email address is featured prominently! Why not ask the question of him?

  • I will try your suggestion from your last paragrpah.
    – user89
    Commented Jan 3, 2017 at 5:14

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