I edited this post, mostly to fix its grammar and spelling.

Additionally, I edited the title.

It was originally titled "can I sue an app", but since an app is a computer program, it seems very likely to me that OP meant to sue a developer and/or a service provider; I edited accordingly and the edit was approved, but then undone.

I thought it was a mistake, so I re-edited.

This time it was rejected on the grounds that it "did not correct critical issues with the post".


The misconception that you can sue an app, which is not a legal person, instead of a company or individual developing it or providing a service through it, seems a fairly critical one to me.

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I think that it was reverted because by editing the question, you were answering it, at least partially; it might be a misconception to people that you can sue an app, and so that's worth putting in an answer, probably with an answer to the substantive question that you correctly identified.

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