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I see several answers that seem like a mixture of a straightforward, probably correct answer, with a very loosely related semi-rant at attorney's, judges, and courts. Is it within the etiquette of the site for a third party to edit out the semi-rant and therefore improve the answer and the tone of this site for future readers?

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  • By coincidence, a post by the same person prompted my question. I agree with one of the answers you received about editing out the irrelevant text in an answer. – George White Apr 21 at 3:52

An interpretation of the site's Be Nice policy and the site's What if I see someone doing something bad policy:

  • Edit would change the substantive content or primary purpose of the post: flag it instead
  • Edit wouldn't change the substantive content or primary purpose of the post: attempt an edit, clearly explaining the reason for it. Posts, of course, may be re-edited in the event someone disagrees.
  • Explain the reason in the edited post or in a comment or in the box that pops up asking for a characterization for the edits? I – George White Apr 20 at 16:53
  • If it's a minor edit, the edit-characterization box should suffice. – Pat W. Apr 20 at 17:46

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