Machine directives are standards that are transcribed into law, describing safety regulations for machinery builders/developers.

Examples of such standards are:

  • Australian Standard AS4024 - Safeguarding of machinery.
  • Canadian Standard CSA Z432-04 - Safeguarding of machinery.
  • USA Standard NFPA 79 - Electrical standard for industrial machinery.
  • European Standard IEC 60204 - Safety of machinery – Electrical equipment of machines

Standards like these end up in directives like the European Union (EU) Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC).

The standards themselves are not technically laws, but the law specifies you have to conform to it (just like building codes). And honestly, they're more legalese than technical in nature. However, there's a good possibility some technical knowledge is required to answer them.

Would questions about these standards and/or directives be welcome here? If so, are there any specific hazards to keep in mind when asking questions about such?

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If the question is legal in nature rather than technical.

For example, this question is a marginal fit for this site but the accepted answer deals with it correctly. The technical non-compliance is obvious so this engages the legal consequences. If the technical issue were central or more of an issue the question should have been closed.


I suspect you'll get more useful answers if you're able to tailor the questions to minimize the technical aspect and maximize the legal one.

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