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How educational is too educational?

After almost six months being live, on 2023‑07‑28 Pat W. deleted my answer (for reference repeated below). It is in style a full legal opinion as to be handed in at the end of a typical 120-minute ...
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This question has currently only 1 answer that provides sources. Some answers with no sources are highly upvoted. What is going on?

This question has currently only 1 answer that provides sources. Some answers with no sources are highly upvoted. What is going on? Do I have legal obligation to change the payment method at a ...
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How do we attract and retain legal experts?

In this excellent answer to a related question, Christian notes that practicing lawyers are unlikely to use this site. The other potential pools of legal experts would be law professors and students, ...
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Should personal opinions posted as answers be flagged, or just downvoted?

If someone posts an answer that is essentially "In my opinion,...", should I flag the answer, or just downvote it and move on? And if I do flag it, should it be "not an answer", "very low quality", ...
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What kinds of errors in answers are okay here?

Situation Regarding this answer: It says: Google is not obligated in any way to accept anything into Play, no matter the money or the business involved. [.....
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Law.SE Review – for Exemplary Answers

I've peddled this query on Meta.SE to no avail, but wondering if maybe this site wants to give it some consideration: On occasion I read an exemplary answer. An answer so illuminating and/or well-...
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How do I know what the correct answer is?

Given that there doesn't appear to be a critical mass of legal professionals on this site, how do I know what answer on a question is correct? Votes don't reflect expert review.
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2016 Moderator Election Q&A - Questionnaire

Quick links to answers by: WBT ● Zizouz212 ● jimsug ● feetwet In connection with the moderator elections, we are holding a Q&A thread for the candidates. Questions collected from an earlier ...
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Is Law SE primarily for arguing what the present, written Law says or what a perfect Judge would decide--if such could exist?

I see a lot of banter on Law SE, quoting at former cases. I haven't seen any actual dialog starting from first principles of the Law, if this site has even or ever stated such. If it hasn't, then I ...
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"2. What should our documentation contain?"

This is one of Stackexchange's important Beta questions. So what shall we have? Brief outline of the documentation: Who should use this site? Who is the audience? What should be specifically Not ...
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Do answers need to reference written laws or court cases?

When providing an answer on is it best practice to cite a written law or ruling in a court case? Or is it adequate to simply "state the facts".