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What to do with answers that offer legal advice?

We have a clear policy that questions which ask for legal advice are off topic and should be closed. However, sometimes such questions get asked anyway, and sometimes, before the question is closed, ...
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Excessive use of "specific legal advice" closure reason

The question Are the title and author of a song protected by copyright? is written as "I am doing X, is that legal". The actual question is a basic principle of copyright law, and in no way ...
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What is our stance on questions that are very clearly legal advice?

This question leads me to a much wider one: are questions on legal advice, whether we have a disclaimer or not, acceptable? There's a big difference between "Out of curiosity, how does this legal ...
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Is the "don't ask" help page at odds with what's on topic here?

The very first page in the "Asking" section of the Help Center, What types of questions should I avoid asking?, has the following to say in the second line: You should only ask practical, ...
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Questions that appear to seek legal advice

While noting that the Law meta Policy for questions that clearly ask for specific legal advice, promotes the closure of questions appearing to seek real-life/real-time legal advice, but also ...
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How do I ask a general law question?

On paragraph 3 of this page, it says: "Please don't ask questions seeking legal advice on a specific matter. These are off-topic for Law Stack Exchange." What does this rule imply about how to ...
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What is meant by "That's not how Stack Exchange works. Ask your lawyer"?

I don't want more downvotes. I want to clarify a comment I saw: That's not how Stack Exchange works. Ask your lawyer. Does this feel a tad uncongenial or unsociable to anyone else? Can't we say this ...
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Is asking "what are my legal options in this case" on topic?

I have a situation where I might contemplate to proceed via legal ways. Would the question "I have this situation, what are my options/how should I proceed to use them" on topic here?
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2016 Moderator Election Q&A - Questionnaire

Quick links to answers by: WBT ● Zizouz212 ● jimsug ● feetwet In connection with the moderator elections, we are holding a Q&A thread for the candidates. Questions collected from an earlier ...
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Are we perhaps going overboard with the "request for legal advice" closures?

It seems that editors and moderators have grown increasingly aggressive in the last year or two with the votes to close questions because they "clearly ask for specific legal advice." I have ...
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Removal of placeholder names and hypothetical language

This is in regard to Can a landlord ask tenants if s/he can stop paying for an unused, not in lease, security system? and its editing history. It was originally asked in the first person. I edited it ...
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What should be on-topic for Law.SE?

As you can see, the /help/on-topic page isn't filled in yet. The /help/on-topic page has now been updated with the below text. We've been up and running long enough that we've developed a sense of ...
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Is self-deprecating credentialism in line with the spirit of stack exchange?

There is a recurrent meme of legal matters being ostensibly too important to entrust to the advice of “anonymous people on the internet”. Yet many of these people may or may not be elite legal minds ...
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How to ask a good question?

On this site, what makes a good question?
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What is wrong with my post

I recently posted on law stack exchange. My last post has two votes to close. I do not understand why. I am hoping somebody here can tell me what the issues is. Here is a link to the post: Is this a ...
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