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Are interdisciplinary Law Theory subjects allowed?

Examples of such subject matters might be: "Upstream" context such as History of Law and Philosophy of Law, paradigmatic questions such as Legal Positivism vs. Natural Law vs. Jurisprudence ...
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Dealing with "Is X (il)legal" questions

I have grown weary of questions of the form, "Is X legal?", when the question offers no hint as to why X would be illegal, or even why one would expect that there is any law dealing with X. To ...
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6 votes
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How should we answer "Is this legal?"

We get a lot of questions of the form Person X did / wants to do conduct Y (in jurisdiction Z). Is this legal? But I can think of many different interpretations of the word "legal" here, so I am ...
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As someone who knows next to nothing about law

What types of questions do you wish people would ask about law? What areas of the legal system should the public be more educated about?
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Are questions that do not specify a region considered too broad? [duplicate]

Laws are obviously different around the world. From country to province to territory to state, even from county to county. When asking questions about laws that can have different answers based on ...
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