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An apology to the Law Stack Exchange community

I am the "const iption" troll. (The space is so this doesn't show as a Google hit for the word.) Const iption is, as you all know, something that I just made up; there is, in reality, no ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Can we impose an IP block or otherwise put an end to the constiption nonsense?

It appears our friendly neighborhood constiptionologist is repeatedly creating dummy accounts to perpetuate his trolling activity. The questions are pretty quickly being downvoted and closed, but this ...
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Is flagging or VTCing more appropriate for const *iption questions?

In addition to downvoting const *iption questions, should I flag and/or VTC them?
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Should I stop answering the const *iption questions?

I've been trying to answer the last couple const *iption questions, but my answers to both were downvoted. Should I stop answering them?
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How was this question deleted? This question (the latest iteration of the const *iption spam/trolling) was deleted by Community with only two downvotes and ...
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What can be done about the "const *iption" spam?

Is there anything that can be done about the const *iption troll? Maybe an automated filter that rejects all questions with the string "const *ipt"? All but one of the questions I've seen ...
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3 answers

Why are my [const *iption] questions unpopular?

I have a [supposedly] really important question [about "const *iption", a made-up pseudolegal process] that I've posted several times, but it keeps getting downvoted, closed, and/or deleted ...
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