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An apology to the Law Stack Exchange community

I am the "const iption" troll. (The space is so this doesn't show as a Google hit for the word.) Const iption is, as you all know, something that I just made up; there is, in reality, no ...
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What can be done about the "const *iption" spam?

Is there anything that can be done about the const *iption troll? Maybe an automated filter that rejects all questions with the string "const *ipt"? All but one of the questions I've seen ...
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How was this question deleted? This question (the latest iteration of the const *iption spam/trolling) was deleted by Community with only two downvotes and ...
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Why are my [const *iption] questions unpopular?

I have a [supposedly] really important question [about "const *iption", a made-up pseudolegal process] that I've posted several times, but it keeps getting downvoted, closed, and/or deleted ...
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Should I stop answering the const *iption questions?

I've been trying to answer the last couple const *iption questions, but my answers to both were downvoted. Should I stop answering them?
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