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Questions about whether and how to permit, require, request, acknowledge or vet statements of credentials, particularly legal credentials, by posters.

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Is it appropriate to ask users for legal credentials?

As originally posted, How do various factors affect the legality of streaming? started with the following request: Note for Users Answering Questions: If you have a legal credential or are a lawyer, ...
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Should those who have passed the bar be uniquely designated on this site?

Issues about the law and legal matters are somewhat unlike other topics of StackExchange sites. An attorney has to pass the bar. A programmer, gamer, contractor, designer, writer, etc aren't ...
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3 votes
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Reminding people that you are not an attorney - Perhaps the site can handle this for you?

Out of curiosity I've been browsing this site and I notice many of the answers end in reminders similar to, if not matching: I am not an attorney. I am NOT an attorney. Seems like this might get ...
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11 votes
4 answers

Is "IANAL" on every post really needed?

I've been seeing an annoyingly high number of posts where a major part of the answer mentions "IANAL" in some shape or form, especially when we have this handy dandy general disclaimer on the right (...
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10 votes
3 answers

Should people put disclaimers in answers?

The outcome of this question depends in part on the outcome of Updated: Can we get a blanket disclaimer out of the way?, and I don't know if the latter issue has been completely solved. Nonetheless, I ...
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What is our stance on questions that are very clearly legal advice?

This question leads me to a much wider one: are questions on legal advice, whether we have a disclaimer or not, acceptable? There's a big difference between "Out of curiosity, how does this legal ...
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