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Deletions on Law Meta

At least two related questions (this and this) a user posted on LawMeta have been deleted by the same moderator, who also heavily edited the underlying post. Both deletions seem unwarranted, and the ...
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How was this question deleted? This question (the latest iteration of the const *iption spam/trolling) was deleted by Community with only two downvotes and ...
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Why was one of my two related but different questions about chains of causation deleted?

I have a question about my Law Stack Exchange post: Even if the 5th party is suing the 4th, wouldn't 4th and 5th parties' arguments that 3rd party broke the chain of causation be identical? Dale M ...
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Can this deleted question be undeleted and reopened?

The question What if you cannot pay the damages in a civil law suit? was closed as a duplicate – incorrectly, in my view. I was in the process of writing a comment explaining my view, following which ...
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Why was this question about future damages deleted?

This wasn't mine but I found it interesting and on-topic. Deleted by Cesar M. Quoting the question in full for those who can't see it: Can you sue over future damages? Specifically climate change. If ...
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Why is this question deleted?

The question has been deleted without any feedback. I am asking what ...
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Why was a question about private police deleted?

Why was the question deleted by @Cesar M please? It seems to me to be on topic for the Law stack. It seems to ...
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Vanished question about cars and copyrights/trademarks

I remember quite well that someone with a music-related name had asked a question about cars and photos - and now almost the same question - even referencing the same site as origin of photos - ...
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Why was the Trump vandalism answer deleted?

This is similar to Nate Eldredges's question about the tax foreclosure question. The answer is this one, deleted by Cesar M. In the tax foreclosure case the OPs account was also deleted (the OP was ...
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Why was the tax foreclosure question deleted?

It appears that was deleted by a moderator (community ...
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Why was my question (and my education) heavily attacked/interrogated by people who did not even comment on my Content?

Does anybody have any answer/comment/evaluation of, for my actual words, ...
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Improper removal of an OP's contract-law question

This question was removed by one of our new moderators. It indicates being "marked as spam or rude or abusive", which by itself sounds ambiguous. The revision history is here. Besides the reason for ...
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Why was this question about jury nullification deleted by a moderator?

Moderator feetwet has deleted Are jurors ever told about jury nullification in the US? If not, why not?. This is puzzling. Why was it deleted?
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