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Questions tagged [disclaimer]

Our site has a general disclaimer at Use this for questions about that disclaimer, or changes to it. Also use this tag for questions about disclaimers posted by users in answers or profiles.

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Why does medicalscience.stackexchange have a better legal disclaimer than us? Do we have heart transplants here?

Here is what will welcome you on the right side of your screen, pretty much full page for an average laptop: "Stack Exchange Inc., and its sites including Medical Sciences Stack Exchange, is not ...
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Request For The Moderators To Make An Exception

In my answer to the recent question about whether positive attitude requirements are discriminatory (Is the requirement to have positive attitude discriminatory?) I included a disclaimer, asked the ...
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Update "How To Ask" box to deter requests for specific legal advice

As stated on the side of the main menu of the site: Law Stack Exchange is for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for individualized advice from a qualified ...
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Should/can some sort of disclaimer be added to the profile section?

I've noticed a lot of questions and answers contain statements like "I am not a lawyer and I'm not giving legal advice" etc. Would it be simpler and safer to include this in the user profile ...
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Reminding people that you are not an attorney - Perhaps the site can handle this for you?

Out of curiosity I've been browsing this site and I notice many of the answers end in reminders similar to, if not matching: I am not an attorney. I am NOT an attorney. Seems like this might get ...
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Is "IANAL" on every post really needed?

I've been seeing an annoyingly high number of posts where a major part of the answer mentions "IANAL" in some shape or form, especially when we have this handy dandy general disclaimer on the right (...
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3 answers

Should people put disclaimers in answers?

The outcome of this question depends in part on the outcome of Updated: Can we get a blanket disclaimer out of the way?, and I don't know if the latter issue has been completely solved. Nonetheless, I ...
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Updated: Can we get a blanket disclaimer out of the way?

Roy posted a good comment on this question: Just want to remind you that while any advice you get on this site may be useful, it does not serve as an alternative to a real legal opinion, and ...
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