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15 votes
3 answers

Is it now site policy that questions differing only by jurisdiction are duplicates?

Prompted by the recent closure of this question as a duplicate. Yes, the jurisdiction topic again. I don't visit meta too often, though I have been aware that answers from jurisdictions not matching ...
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0 votes
2 answers

Should question about Hawaii secession be closed

The question Can Hawaii secede from the U.S. through legal means? has several upvotes and three upvoted answers. But four people have voted to close it, three on the grounds of it being a duplicate ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Should asking a broad "is [action] legal anywhere?" question preclude specific questions about the legality of that action in a specific country?

Motivating example: Is it legal to hack a hacker back (in the US)? was marked as a duplicate of Is there any country where hacking back is legal? The former asks a specific question that can be ...
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