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How to deal with comments?

Without rehashing How long is an "Extended discussion" or Should Moderators be able to use their privileges to benefit their own posts, I am polling the community to establish a norm on this ...
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How to ask a good question?

On this site, what makes a good question?
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What is the policy on self-links and commercial links in answers?

A user has been adding answers to old questions that include one or more links to her personal legal practice site and she does not disclose her affiliation. It's common to link to sites such as Nolo, ...
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I have a question about copyright. What should I read before I ask it?

Here are some basic things you should know about copyright law before you ask a question. Read further and you may very well find the answer to the question that brought you here! Some meta-...
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Online Legal References

This thread is for legal references that may be most helpful and/or authoritative in addressing legal questions that arise on this site.
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Policy for questions that clearly ask for specific legal advice

Questions that clearly ask for specific legal advice are off-topic for Law Stack Exchange. This is to help protect users: Those asking, from loss due to following incomplete advice, or advice from ...
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