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Answers that read like advertisments for personal grudges

User Iñaki Viggers seems to bear a grudge against a particular Michigan Judge, whom he sardonically mocks and denounces in several lengthy postings on his blog. In Viggers accepted answer to Are ...
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Should comments advising people to commit crimes be flagged?

Motivating example: Someone asked a question about hiding assets in a divorce, which received the following comment: Sell some of your liquid assets and buy Bitcoin OTC. That is what cryptocurrency ...
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Do the recent and upcoming policy changes and subsequent moderators' strike affect how LawSE moderates AI content?

TL;DR Can we have some clarity1, please? i.e. To flag or not to flag AI? The most recent announcement from LawSE's per-site moderators is our temporary policy stating that ChatGPT is banned, which is ...
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How should troll questions be handled?

We occasionally get "questions" that ask absurd, bad-faith questions with some legal hook. For example (I hate to feed a troll by giving the question attention, but I figure doing so once to ...
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How should we handle ChatGPT answers?

A new user has posted a number of answers in breach of the Temporary policy: ChatGPT is banned. There's no attempt to disguise its use, as each answer ends with: Chatgpm I assume they need flagging ...
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Is flagging or VTCing more appropriate for const *iption questions?

In addition to downvoting const *iption questions, should I flag and/or VTC them?
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Current flagging policy

In my opinion, it would be useful for general users to know how moderators feel about comment-flags. I am specifically interested in moderator's view of what constitutes helpful versus counter-...
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Is the LawSE response to suspected AI generated posts still in force?

The Temporary policy: ChatGPT is banned states that: Posting GPT answers on Law Stack Exchange is temporarily banned. And the answer from a Moderator when asked How should we handle ChatGPT answers? ...
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What to do about answers that advocate breaking the law

Recently I've come across a couple of answers that acknowledge what the law is, but then advocate the user to openly break the law (without outlining the repercussions of doing so). For these types of ...
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What are "disputed" flags?

Most of my flags have been marked as "helpful" A few of them have been marked as "declined", and the help pages clearly explain that a moderator has looked at such flags and ...
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