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3 answers

How do we handle localization of questions/answers?

Answers to legal questions are often highly specific to the jurisdictional context that the OP is asking. Do we need to make a location specific tag required (at least a country) when asking questions?...
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3 answers

Is it now site policy that questions differing only by jurisdiction are duplicates?

Prompted by the recent closure of this question as a duplicate. Yes, the jurisdiction topic again. I don't visit meta too often, though I have been aware that answers from jurisdictions not matching ...
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What if I want to see answers for other jurisdictions on someone else's question?

I would love to see the answers for the U.S. to this question posed for the U.K.: What liabilities do the police/CPS have if you are found innocent? Should I post it as a new question? Some ...
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Country/Jurisdictional tag

Very often I see answers that answers the question posed for a jurisdiction other than the one requested. What is the official policy on this? Should it be changed? If we permit answering the question ...
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2 answers

Jurisdictions in answers

I have been told: ensure that when you answer a question tagged with a specific jurisdiction, your answer is for that jurisdiction And that: Nobody uses tag in their answers. This seems to be ...
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Is a "This answer is also true in another jurisdiction X" comment good or bad?

Suppose a question does not specify a specific jurisdiction. An answer is posted that begins with "In the US, it works like this: ..." If I know that the answer is exactly right in some other ...
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8 votes
3 answers

Policy/consensus on how to indicate country/jurisdiction (in text, title or tags)?

One of my edits adding jurisdiction information to a question's text was rejected. The reason given (by a moderator) was: Jurisdiction is indicated by tags, not by an explicit comment in the text ...
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5 answers

Updating "How To Ask" box for Law Stack Exchange

It is almost always necessary or at least helpful at Law.SE to include the jurisdiction (i.e. state or country) whose law the person asking the question wants to know about, and often otherwise good ...
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3 answers

Answering in regard to a different jurisdiction than specified in the question

This is about this answer by me to Does the Right to be Informed of Charges apply out of the legal system? and the comment saying Since when has the Canadian CRF applied to the USA? The question ...
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5 votes
3 answers

Jurisdiction Relevance to Questions

The answer to questions relating to the law depend upon the jurisdiction of the issue. With this in mind would it be possible to configure the (law) site so that no question is asked without the ...
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2 answers

Asking a question for a different jurisdiction

Several questions on the Law.SE specify jurisdiction, or do not provide any jurisdiction for their question. If a question has already been asked for a specific jurisdiction, may one ask the same ...
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5 votes
1 answer

When would a legal question need not include jurisdiction?

I suppose when the question is meant to understand legal theories, our when I want to compare approaches between different jurisdictions, then including jurisdiction isn't needed. However, many of my ...
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5 votes
3 answers

Allowing jurisdiction tags on answers

Law is one of those areas (perhaps even more than travel) where I feel there is a potential for a dramatically different exchange format. The distinction: The same legal question has different ...
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5 votes
2 answers

What should the asker accept, and how should we vote, for questions without a specified jurisdiction?

There are two opposed answers to the question on localization of questions and answers. If we allow answers for any jurisdiction to a question, there might be tons of answers to each question -- and ...
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5 votes
3 answers

Should Law.Se have separate tags for jurisdiction and subject matter?

The tag field for Stack Exchange currently does not discriminate between the types of tags. This feature works fine for most Stack Exchange sites as the subject matter is universal. However there are ...
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4 answers

Conventions for tag wiki excerpts, especially on jurisdiction tags

Providing tag wiki excerpts is helpful to the community. As explained here: The tag excerpt is the first, and sometimes only information about a tag that users see when tagging a question. If ...
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4 votes
3 answers

Should multiple answers by one user for different jurisdictions be combined?

If I am answering one question for multiple jurisdictions (for example, I am answering both for the United States and Canada), should I post one long answer or multiple shorter ones?
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3 answers

Why don't questions with jurisdiction specific answers need to specify their jurisdiction?

Is it illegal to sell something on craigslist without adding a regions value added tax? I don't think that this is a question which could be answered in general. Every jurisdiction would have ...
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2 votes
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General title, body suggests jurisdiction, tag requires jurisdiction, terms imply jurisdiction but don't unambiguously say so

Multiple issues brought up by What's the statute of limitation on fragging? The title doesn't mention jurisdiction; the body gives a scenario of the US military and Vietnam but doesn't explicitly ...
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New ask page: How do we want to use it to help new users?

The stack exchange network recently got a new question page). With it comes an expansion of customization for the individual site (which needs to be implemented by a Community Manager, who will do ...
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Context: Location of Applicable Law

Law varies from country to country and can vary from state to state (e.g. CA vs NY). Is the generally accepted practice that if the OP does not provide the context for the community to provide the ...
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How can we require jurisdiction to be declared?

Many questions like Can an unacceptable / illegal condition in a contract be ignored without voiding the whole contract? fail to declare the jurisdiction. Ought such failure be a close reason?
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Should all questions be required to have a location tag? [duplicate]

So, it seems like half the time when I visit this SE site, when I look at questions here, I wind up leaving a comment to the effect of "What location are you in? Different places have different ...
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