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Questions about the practice of offering legal advice. Also for meta questions about what is and is not a specific request for legal advice, and what should be done about questions found to be RSLAs

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Removal of placeholder names and hypothetical language

This is in regard to Can a landlord ask tenants if s/he can stop paying for an unused, not in lease, security system? and its editing history. It was originally asked in the first person. I edited it ...
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Should the backstory have been edited out of this question about lease renewals

In Automatic Lease Renewal Laws in Washington State the OP asked if a particular law, to which a link was given, applied to a particular situation. It was clearly not a request for legal advice, ...
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Why does medicalscience.stackexchange have a better legal disclaimer than us? Do we have heart transplants here?

Here is what will welcome you on the right side of your screen, pretty much full page for an average laptop: "Stack Exchange Inc., and its sites including Medical Sciences Stack Exchange, is not ...
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Should comments advising people to commit crimes be flagged?

Motivating example: Someone asked a question about hiding assets in a divorce, which received the following comment: Sell some of your liquid assets and buy Bitcoin OTC. That is what cryptocurrency ...
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Excessive use of "specific legal advice" closure reason

The question Are the title and author of a song protected by copyright? is written as "I am doing X, is that legal". The actual question is a basic principle of copyright law, and in no way ...
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What questions are not legal advice? [duplicate]

How does the law stackexchange define which question is considered legal advice which question is not? If it refers to a very specific use case is it then considered legal advice?
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Should questions be allowed to be asked in first person?

It has been debated on this site what does and doesn't constitute "legal advice", most users work off of the argument that answers on LSE are not legally considered "Legal advice". ...
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Update "How To Ask" box to deter requests for specific legal advice

As stated on the side of the main menu of the site: Law Stack Exchange is for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for individualized advice from a qualified ...
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5 answers

What to do with answers that offer legal advice?

We have a clear policy that questions which ask for legal advice are off topic and should be closed. However, sometimes such questions get asked anyway, and sometimes, before the question is closed, ...
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3 answers

Shouldn't we rewrite questions asking for legal advice?

We receive very many questions that are in fact requests for legal advice, contrary to policy, and they are closed only sporadically (primarily in egregious cases). Here is a recent example, where a ...
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Should/can some sort of disclaimer be added to the profile section?

I've noticed a lot of questions and answers contain statements like "I am not a lawyer and I'm not giving legal advice" etc. Would it be simpler and safer to include this in the user profile ...
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Can I ask about the underage driving license program in my state?

I'd like to ask a question about my state's driving license program, specifically an (apparent) edge case that isn't covered very well by the DMV's website. Reading /help/on-topic, it could go either ...
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"Actual problems that you face"

In the Help Center, we have the standard Stack Exchange verbiage: You should only ask practical, answerable questions based on actual problems that you face. However, in the context of Law.SE, "...
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9 answers

Should those who have passed the bar be uniquely designated on this site?

Issues about the law and legal matters are somewhat unlike other topics of StackExchange sites. An attorney has to pass the bar. A programmer, gamer, contractor, designer, writer, etc aren't ...
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Does providing context about real or hypothetical situations in a question imply that I am asking for legal advice?

To one of my questions I received a comment: Get a real lawyer to tell you if you have a case. You are asking for specific legal advice in your questions and we can't give it to you. At just $...
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How do I ask a general law question?

On paragraph 3 of this page, it says: "Please don't ask questions seeking legal advice on a specific matter. These are off-topic for Law Stack Exchange." What does this rule imply about how to ...
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Reminding people that you are not an attorney - Perhaps the site can handle this for you?

Out of curiosity I've been browsing this site and I notice many of the answers end in reminders similar to, if not matching: I am not an attorney. I am NOT an attorney. Seems like this might get ...
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Seeking legal advice on topic

I would like to ask for clarification of rules on asking for advice and off-topic here on Law StackExchange. In Help Center users can read that: The best questions are those that have specific ...
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Questions that appear to seek legal advice

While noting that the Law meta Policy for questions that clearly ask for specific legal advice, promotes the closure of questions appearing to seek real-life/real-time legal advice, but also ...
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What criteria distinguish a hypothetical from legal advice?

As an example, how would one characterize this question?...hypothetical as is, or across the legal advice line? Just looking for some broad themes here...
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Policy for questions that clearly ask for specific legal advice

Questions that clearly ask for specific legal advice are off-topic for Law Stack Exchange. This is to help protect users: Those asking, from loss due to following incomplete advice, or advice from ...
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Should people put disclaimers in answers?

The outcome of this question depends in part on the outcome of Updated: Can we get a blanket disclaimer out of the way?, and I don't know if the latter issue has been completely solved. Nonetheless, I ...
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What is our stance on questions that are very clearly legal advice?

This question leads me to a much wider one: are questions on legal advice, whether we have a disclaimer or not, acceptable? There's a big difference between "Out of curiosity, how does this legal ...
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How will we discourage people asking for, or giving, legal advice in Law?

Proposal: Law This question is a copy of this question. Even in the proposal phase, Law seems to be attracting questions of the form "Is it legal for me to...", "How can I..." and so forth. There ...
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Updated: Can we get a blanket disclaimer out of the way?

Roy posted a good comment on this question: Just want to remind you that while any advice you get on this site may be useful, it does not serve as an alternative to a real legal opinion, and ...
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