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Is a question asking if a certain type of software is legal under a specific legal system on-topic?

I'm moderator of crypto-SE and wonder if this question would be on-topic if migrated to Law-SE. The meat of it is: Is it legal to develop a cipher-breaker software/algorithm? What about it's legality ...
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Add Politics as a migration destination for Law

At the moment, the only defined destination to which questions on Law.SE can be migrated is law Meta. Migration to any other destination requires special moderator intervention, as I understand things....
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3 votes
2 answers

The migration of questions to Expatriates, pertaining to nationality laws

This question united kingdom - UK EU settlment scheme, effects when acquiring British citizenship was migrated from law to expatriates. (The original title was: UK EU settlment scheme, which is a bit ...
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Why was my definition request migrated?

Why was migrated from Law? An ordinary anglophone wouldn't know the legal meaning. Sven Yargs hints to it
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When to migrate questions from Security.SE?

Security.StackExachange mainly exists to talk about hacking and hacking prevention. As you might expect, questions about what's legal and whether someone should press changes come up quite frequently. ...
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Can you set some criteria for migrations from Money SE?

Over on Personal Finance & Money we sometimes get questions that are fundamentally legal questions rather than personal finance questions. We've recently discussed our criteria for closing these ...
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Should the site be (hopefully :) enriched with legal questions from Politics.SE?

Politics.SE (Beta site) has had the distinction of the closest site to "" for a while, until Law.SE went into BETA recently. As such, it accumulated several questions that were more Law than ...
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