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Does the ToS allow any third-party to run Turing-tests or otherwise unleash GAI-in-training onto our Stackexchange site?

Let’s assume for a second Google, Facebook or an institution, agency or department under the Chinese Communist Party develops a big data language model and registers a user on a law.stackexchange; ...
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Is it now site policy that questions differing only by jurisdiction are duplicates?

Prompted by the recent closure of this question as a duplicate. Yes, the jurisdiction topic again. I don't visit meta too often, though I have been aware that answers from jurisdictions not matching ...
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Is it appropriate to ask users for legal credentials?

As originally posted, How do various factors affect the legality of streaming? started with the following request: Note for Users Answering Questions: If you have a legal credential or are a lawyer, ...
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What are the rules or guidelines for recommending other non-SE forums?

I suspect that this question may be closed as it appears to be asking for specific legal advice, but I am aware of an English law forum that may assist. Is it within SE rules, or the spirit, to send ...
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Non-Vandalism, Full Rewrite of questions & Rollbacks

Today, several questions had rollbacks to versions that were 100% different to the question it was turned to by the OP. As reason "New questions should be asked as such. Total rewrites are not ...
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