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Do we have a problem with sexist, and generally overly zealous moderators?

I’m sick of what I have noticed as overly zealous moderation when it comes to opposing, however gently, mildly, and courteously, the remake of apparently female users. The moderators appear especially ...
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Is there a policy on editing questions to clarify them after answers have already there been posted?

A recent, (IMO) otherwise non-sequitur comment claims that “we don’t allow edits that invalidate answers that have already been posted,” but I’ve never heard of a policy like this. What I have seen ...
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Do the recent and upcoming policy changes and subsequent moderators' strike affect how LawSE moderates AI content?

TL;DR Can we have some clarity1, please? i.e. To flag or not to flag AI? The most recent announcement from LawSE's per-site moderators is our temporary policy stating that ChatGPT is banned, which is ...
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How should we handle ChatGPT answers?

A new user has posted a number of answers in breach of the Temporary policy: ChatGPT is banned. There's no attempt to disguise its use, as each answer ends with: Chatgpm I assume they need flagging ...
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Policy: ChatGPT is banned

Posting GPT answers on Law Stack Exchange is temporarily banned. This policy has been adopted from Stack Overflow's current stance to give us time to work out our own. Most of the arguments for and ...
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Where can I read the Law Stack Exchange policy forbidding images of text?

I recently posted an answer that included an image of text. This answer was repeatedly edited to remove that image, which I repeatedly restored to the answer. Dale M tells me that the Law Stack ...
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Does the ToS allow any third-party to run Turing-tests or otherwise unleash GAI-in-training onto our Stackexchange site?

Let’s assume for a second Google, Facebook or an institution, agency or department under the Chinese Communist Party develops a big data language model and registers a user on a law.stackexchange; ...
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Is it now site policy that questions differing only by jurisdiction are duplicates?

Prompted by the recent closure of this question as a duplicate. Yes, the jurisdiction topic again. I don't visit meta too often, though I have been aware that answers from jurisdictions not matching ...
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Is it appropriate to ask users for legal credentials?

As originally posted, How do various factors affect the legality of streaming? started with the following request: Note for Users Answering Questions: If you have a legal credential or are a lawyer, ...
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What are the rules or guidelines for recommending other non-SE forums?

I suspect that this question may be closed as it appears to be asking for specific legal advice, but I am aware of an English law forum that may assist. Is it within SE rules, or the spirit, to send ...
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Non-Vandalism, Full Rewrite of questions & Rollbacks

Today, several questions had rollbacks to versions that were 100% different to the question it was turned to by the OP. As reason "New questions should be asked as such. Total rewrites are not ...
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