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Is there no role for law in defining what words mean?

In a comment justifying the closure of a question that asked for definition of terms used by auto manufacturers, a user said: There is no role for the law in defining what words mean Is this correct?...
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Is [legal-history] ambiguous?

I was going through the questions on legal-history and realized that two different kinds of questions are covered: Questions about the history of law, such as (as mentioned in the current tag wiki) &...
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Is a question asking if a certain type of software is legal under a specific legal system on-topic?

I'm moderator of crypto-SE and wonder if this question would be on-topic if migrated to Law-SE. The meat of it is: Is it legal to develop a cipher-breaker software/algorithm? What about it's legality ...
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Are questions about the validity of legal analysis from Law & Order off-topic?

I'm watching an old episode of the TV show Law & Order, and just heard several of the lawyers in the DA's office state as fact that it is not illegal for a parent to sell their child (specifically:...
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Should I create a new question or expand my first one?

"Does anyone know whether the 'plastic bags' that food waste should be in are separate from the plastic bags that already are used for general trash?" This question came to mind after I ...
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How should the EU related trespass questions be asked or more generally how to deal with jurisdiction-duplicates?

Asking a non-jurisdiction specific or several-jurisdiction question typically result in answers that are hard to accept if one is actually interested in the full range of jurisdictions defined in ...
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We are getting overwhelmed with current affairs questions

Regularly, it wouldn't be a bad thing if people started asking question based on the reporting about current affairs. For example, if there is a famous murder trial and people want to know how chain ...
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Are fantastical questions on topic?

I'm here from Worldbuilding.SE where we've been having a discussion on whether legal questions are on topic for our site. A good example of such a question is this one: How many laws would a ...
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Is it ok to edit a question into something complete different?

Is it possible to edit a question that is not answered into a question that has a completely different meaning?
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What happens when posts report sexual crimes involving minors? What should users do?

I was just profoundly disturbed by the content of the following question: Is it consider rape if the girl doesn't understand what is happening? It was posted more than two years before this Meta ...
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What's the point of a locked post with no feedback?

While scrolling through meta I came across this question that is locked but has no feedback (answer/comments). It seemed pretty odd and without reason. I tried digging into the history of this post ...
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controversial question

A fraud in the terms of use There are completely different answers, some said it was a fraud, while some said it was not. How may I deal with that? I need some help.
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Tag request: [directive]

I've asked 2 questions[1][2] about a directive here. Those are improperly tagged as regulation, simply because that comes closest and there is no directive yet. Could directive be created so I can ...
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Are questions on topic that ask for the purpose/motivation/rationale behind a law?

Are questions on topic that ask for the purpose/motivation/rationale behind a law? what is the rationale behind fair use? why is the age of consent X? why are juveniles treated differently than ...
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Request for comment: How to write a Good™ Law SE question

The issue of "Is X (Il)legal" questions has come up recently (brought up by another moderator, but even so) but I suspect it's part of a broader issue – the law seems inaccessible to many, and ...
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Dealing with questions that show no effort

It's not an epidemic yet, but we've had two questions in two days about copyright that suggest the asker hasn't read anything about the subject. I mean, if they typed the word into any browser bar ...
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Find a moderator to move my question to another community

I have asked a question in law community and now I noticed that there is a more specific community for this question (Expatriates). I am wondering where I can find a moderator to move my question to ...
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Are applications of law to fictional works on topic?

Many works of fiction represent real-life legal issues poorly, and sometimes with interpretations that are downright ridiculous. Examples can be found at the TVTropes link on "Artistic License - Law"...
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Are hypothetical application of the law questions on topic?

So far we have these: Does "furtherance of a crime" exception to attorney–client privilege apply if the attorney is unsure? What stops you from invoking §19.6 if a police officer ...
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