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The [us-federal-government] tag

We have a tag us-federal-government with no description. Most of the questions with that tag seem that they should be tagged united-states instead, as that is the preferred tag for questions about ...
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4 votes
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The immunity tag is scoped for a specific subset of its topic

The immunity tag info says Immunity to civil or criminal liability conferred to an individual by virtue of an office. However, this is a group of specific types of immunity, including ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Edits to question required in order to include additional tags?

I saw a question that was missing obvious tags just now so I clicked on edit to include them - however it wouldn't let me save the update unless I changed 6 characters in the original question...I ...
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Merge tags [international] and [international-law]?

international and international-law each have 5 questions, and seem to cover the same kind of topics. Should international-law questions be retagged into international? The "-law" suffix would ...
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