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Proposal for a new ask question modal

It was suggested in a comment by Laurel on Trish's answer to Jen's Meta question on jurisdiction tags to edit the "Ask Question" modal. I agree that that's a good idea, especially ...
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How can you trigger Law SE to pop-up the name of a user in your comments with the at mark? Is it a hidden privilege?

I just can't seem to figure out why I can't choose the user I'm typing the user name in in a comment. So far, I never was able to get it working on mobile, but it did work at times on my computer. ...
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New ask page: How do we want to use it to help new users?

The stack exchange network recently got a new question page). With it comes an expansion of customization for the individual site (which needs to be implemented by a Community Manager, who will do ...
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Should the job ads bar be brought to law stackexchange

Stackexchange is home to many different communities, full of experts in their fields. one of the cooler features in the stackexchange community is the jobs side-bar like the one shown on stackoverflow(...
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