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Vote Early, Vote Often!

tl;dr: Vote Early, Vote Often! Note: This post is identical to this one on Mythology Stack Exchange I would like to echo a post that Scott Morrison made on Meta.Tex.SE: I'm a moderator from ...
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Unanswered questions: Please upvote and accept useful answers, and have a look at the unanswered tab

At the moment, we have an 86% answer rate. Right now, there's 134 questions with no answers at all, and 19 questions with no upvoted answers. Sure, the answer rate is not the only thing we should be ...
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What is the community's feeling toward silent/unexplained downvotes?

It is my perception that several on the site downvote my questions simply because they are mine, and not because of the content. Sometimes these are very simple questions which seem not to merit much ...
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