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Why does my question keep getting deleted even though it is relevant?

Your question, and the ensuing discussion, asked how to harass your neighbor in a manner that stops short of criminal behavior. Apart from being a request for personalized legal advice, it isn't nice,...
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How can you trigger Law SE to pop-up the name of a user in your comments with the at mark? Is it a hidden privilege?

In it is said that: You can only @reply to users who have already left a comment, or edited the post. The first three non-whitespace characters ...
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Why does my question keep getting deleted even though it is relevant?

When a moderator deletes a question, you are not supposed to avoid that deletion by re-posting. Instead, you should post a question on Meta, focusing on the core question about the original question. ...
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Why is the tour page example question about unicorns?

The question on the tour page is a placeholder until we are able to select our own. However, it's not all that simple. There's a post on MSE with some more info. Right now, there aren't any questions ...
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How to correct a one or two letter typo on a Stack site, as the system requires me to edit at least 6 characters?

As you gain reputation points on this site that editing limitation will go away. See also the privilege progression.
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