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Politically incorrect tag: North-Korea -> DPRK

No We use united-states not the United States of America, united-kingdom not the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, australia not the Commonwealth of Australia, south-africa not the ...
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revert tag:enw to tag:england-and-wales

Currently, there is no enw tag in existence (anymore?) and it's impossible to make a synonym on a nonexistent tag. ENW - like other acronyms - should not be used as a tag, as it might mean multiple ...
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3 votes

The immunity tag is scoped for a specific subset of its topic

Sorry this has taken a while! Would it not be a solution to re-scope the current immunity tag to the proposal at the end? I'm unsure of the need for the more specific kinds of immunity, seeing as we ...
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1 vote

The [us-federal-government] tag

There are questions that are specific to U.S. federal law and federal government, and it makes sense to distinguish these from questions about law in the U.S., which could apply to states or multiple ...
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The [us-federal-government] tag

I feel that us-federal-government should actually be 'burninated' - its trying to do something that would be better done with two separate tags: united-states and government. It is not a synonym for ...
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